Middle East, Africa and European Regional Night….


With bagpipes and impromptu dances by Anirban and Jessica, the Europe, Africa and Middle East regional night was off to an amazing start. Students enjoyed samples of meals from the Middle East and Africa and premium European beer, as they were entertained with energetic African drumming and a performance by the African group, choreographed by Jennifer Juma. The belly dancer, a staple of the regional night, a traditional flamenco dance, entranced the audience with sensuous moves in a mermaid-inspired outfit. Students showcased the regiona  attire with a little bit of drama and a little bit of drama. Showstoppers of the night  wore the an Original Holly Dunlap  featuring her 4MaCoHa, a design she created with the collaboration between the Malawi Council for the Handicapped.

This is just one of the spectacular regional nights of the Tri, we have two more coming our way. Latin America and Asia Regional Night.

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