Okonomiyaki and Sake

IMG_3211By Japan Club (Kayoko Omari, Leo Chen, Ryota Alafuka and Daisuke Tajima)

Thank you, everyone, for coming to the OKONOMIYAKI Party. We are glad that a lot of people liked Japanese traditional foods and drinks.

The origin of OKONOMIYAKI (Japanese pancake) is approximately 400 years ago, associated with west area of Japan. Nowadays it is very popular throughout Japan. It is made with wheat flour, cabbage, and eggs. You can add whatever you want (OKONOMI means “what you like”, YAKI means “grilled”). We added onions, green onions, and pork for the party. The sauce has unique Japanese taste. It is based on soy sauce, but including a lot of vegetables and fish extract, so taste is a little sweat.

Cooking procedures are very easy and you can make your original OKONOMIYAKI by adding your favorite vegetables, meats, or fishes. Please try!

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