A T-bird SPOOKtacular

561944_432068870190672_2100187400_nThis past Friday night was the annual Thunderbird Spooktacular hosted by the Thunderbird Rugby team and the Get-Out-of-Glendale (GOGO) clubs. The clubs throw the Halloween themed party every year in which students help the clubs fundraise by purchasing admission, bus, and drink tickets to “get out of Glendale” and make their way to Scottsdale for a night of spooks, fun, and dancing! This year, the party was held at the Cein Agaves club in Scottsdale. The night began with over 50 students congregating outside of the Pub to board the busses in the frightening and creative costumes. The buses were filled with music, dancing, and laughs and upon reaching Cien Agaves, T-birds were met with an enormous mexican buffet full of tacos, enchiladas, and taquitos.

After filling up, students strutted their stuff down on the dance floor and above on the balcony at this multi-level bar and restaurant. One could see Psy, “gangnaming his style” and even Katy Perry who was definitely “wide awake.” It was great to see all of these international students bringing in their own dance moves led by the Rugby Elvis’s, Luis Vidal and Patrick Still. The night was capped off with an extremely eventful costume contest where over 10 costumes were crowned different champions of creativity, fear, and hilarity. It is safe to say that this Halloween Party was one for the Thunderbird books!


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