Entrepreneurship is not just for people with great ideas

managingyourbossWe all want to be our won bosses don’t we? Strolling into the office at any time we want to and working from Hawaii because the holiday deals are too good to resist. Most importantly, do away with having to get our heads around the strategy of “managing our bosses”. Some dismiss it as merely manipulation while others refer to it as corporate cozying up or out-and-out apply polishing! The truth is, it’s here to stay and as a corporate employee we will always have bosses to manage.

Then you might say, why don’t start your own business? Be your own boss. Isn’t that what Thunderbird is well known for, inspiring students to becoming successful entrepreneurs? While all of that is true, I’m sure I am not alone in sighing and saying…. I don’t have a great idea to start my own business. I’m a business person; I don’t have a technological or medical breakthrough like Facebook or Groupon.

Professor Robert Hisrich, the Garvin Professor of Global Entrepreneurship and Director of the Walker Center for Global Entrepreneurship at Thunderbird points out that the upcoming Startup Weekend is not just for people with great ideas. The extravagant event brings together great ideas, business professionals and investors to collectively put a great business idea to work. In some ways, it can be a fantastic employment opportunity for us students.

Listen to the video below to hear his take on how this event can potentially open up amazing opportunities for us students who strive to gain the independence we value and actually make a real difference in the business world.


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