Weekly Update for 6/29/14

Dear Thunderbird Community, I hope you’ve had a great week. Thunderbird’s Board of Trustees was on campus this week. The board continued their deliberations regarding potential partners and continue to make progress. Your TSG President and Vice President, Giacomo and Casey, partnered with Executive MBA student, Anthony Dezilva, to present to the board this morning. […]

Entrepreneurship is not just for people with great ideas

We all want to be our won bosses don’t we? Strolling into the office at any time we want to and working from Hawaii because the holiday deals are too good to resist. Most importantly, do away with having to get our heads around the strategy of “managing our bosses”. Some dismiss it as merely […]

Startup Weekend

By:  Jeff Abbott (Thunderbird Alum & StartupWeekend Phoenix Co-Organizer) A heart rate monitor that sends its output to an iPhone app. Turning unused sailboats in San Diego into vacation rentals. Commercializing acid-free coffee on the Internet. An email service designed for young children and their parents. A traffic and navigation app that reduces road congestion.  Building […]