Fin Aid celebrated National MadHatters day

Brenda, Marie, Paula, Felicia, Catherine, Dario, Donna

On October 6th, Financial Aid celebrated National Mad Hatters day by dressing up in very innovative and fun hats that were either bought or handmade by themselves.

The Mad Hatter is a famous character in Lewis Caroll’s book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. In 1986, a group of computer technicians in Boulder, Colorado celebrated the first Mad Hatter Day. They designated the holiday as a day of silliness and year after year it has grown in popularity. Mad Hatter Day is celebrated each year on October 6 because the Mad Hatter wears a top hat labeled “In this style 10/6” in the book’s illustrations. It is also six months from April Fools’ Day, the first silly holiday of the year.

Today, recognize the reality that is nonsense and the silliness that is sane. Grab a top hat and celebrate a very merry Mad Hatter Day!

If you are a common visitor of the offices up at the Herberger building, you will realize that at least once a month, each department is always celebrating something fun and keeping the workplace enjoyable at all times not only for them but us, the visitors too.

There is always a treat awaiting those who step into the Herberger offices.

national mad hatters

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