Mid-Tri Festival

The end of last week required an apt celebration to mark the success of first-tri students completing their first module and to remind returning students that they’re one step closer to being done with their course. After a hectic, stressful week of all nighters, assignment submissions, Data Analysis, exams and papers, everyone was ready for an evening to just unwind and RELAX.

Thunderbird Student Government hosted the Mid Tri Festival on October 19th – an evening of great food, music and even a movie. TSG members claimed the chef hats and took the responsibility of manning the grill, while Erna Alexandria played DJ for the night. Although initially planned as a pool party, the event soon turned into a relaxing, socialising evening. At 6, as a special treat, Global Sounds took stage and played an hour of enthralling music, leaving the audience begging for more. All through this pleasant evening, the Thunderkids were having a great time, dancing with their parents and making friends with other students. It would seem that they enjoy themselves more than we ever do.

Global Sounds’ act was followed by some world famous heroes: Captain America, Iron Man, The Hulk in the “Avengers”. There couldn’t have been a better way to wrap up the evening!

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