Branded in the heart of New York

By Ashwathy Sreenivasan’12

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the group to thank our Professor, Richard Ettenson without whom this trip would not have been a successful and worthy one!

The next set of Brand managers!

47 Thunderbirds spent two spectacular weeks in the heart of New York at the American Management Association office at Time square indulging in the latest branding secrets of the biggest corporates that we are all familiar with.

This Winterim is like an exciting journey of realization, inspiration and knowledge that transcending beyond strategy and marketing. We had the top marketing leaders from corporate giants giving us advice for our career search and interview skills. When you hear it from them, you know it is a mean world out there but you just learnt the upper hand tricks of the trait. Senior Marketing Lead, Alejandro Bethlan gives us his advice on what he would appreciate during an interview and what disappoints him the most. Be prepared guys, you don’t want to mess up the crucial 45 minutes of your career. Leave a distinctive story about you for recruiters to remember. An obvious common thread across all speakers from Jonathan Knowles, Type2 Consulting to Henri Scar Struck, Grammy award winner and The other side of the Brain mentioned was, storytelling. Branding involves communicating a compelling story to the target audience through the right medium. Jonathan talked about the customer values and benefits that needed to be understood and translated and Henri brought the storytelling alive through his music, pure magic.

The famous board. Learning's of the entire 9 days!
With Henri Scar Struck at The Other Side of the Brain

Meeting these top notch leaders you learn about a whole new world of marketing that would have never been apparent to you before.
This has turned out to be a perfect stepping stone to understanding brands, customer reactions, companies’ objectives and even the employees who make these products and services happen. Covering various companies such as Motorola, Mini, Lenovo, IPG Media Brands, Deutsch Advertising, Helios Partners, Marriot, Dominoes, JetBlue, Amazon, Type2 Consulting, GAF, Lucid Brands, The other Side of the Brain, Lipponcott, GE, Goldman Sachs and Amway you are facing a fire hose of information every day. The added bonus of the trip is, it’s New York, after hours never gets boring especially when you are joined by a Grammy award winner for dinner.

Comments from some Winterim participants:

  • Inspirational, Focused, Fun.
  • Helpful material for the job interviews! Transcends brand strategy and marketing!
  • OUTSTANDING & INFORMATIVE. A wealth of knowledge delivered in nine days!

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