Winterim Fair

Courtesy: Mark Jackson
Courtesy: Mark Jackson

To everyone in attendance last week at the Winterim fair, the feeling in the air was palpable–excitement, positivity, and a little anxiety.

I attended a few of the information sessions regarding January’s offerings, and looking around the room at my fellow students, I couldn’t help but think that finally we were in competition with each other. Not everyone is going on these trips.  And everyone in the room knew that.

It seemed that the two New York trips were the most popular of the bunch, I’d imagine because of the access it gives for international students to managers of some of the biggest American companies on this earth. For me, South Africa was my main stop, as emerging markets were the clear favorite amongst those I knew at the fair.

Good luck to everyone with their applications, and I hope we all get our first choices as January rolls around.  Our New Year’s Eve plans depend on it!

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