Case Interview with Marc Cosentino

Pic Courtesy: Marc Cosentino

Last week, the CMC organized a case interview preparation workshop hosted by Marc Cosentino, a subject matter expert and author of the book “Case in Point”. Case Method Interviews are primarily used in the consulting industry, but are increasingly showing up in other industries. He took the attendees into a consulting case interview and introduced the acclaimed Ivy Case System and the structure to answer even the most sophisticated cases. Different types of cases were explored using a basic framework and guidelines.

Workshop attendees were able to participate in individual case interviewing sessions with Mr. Cosentino for practice and professional feedback. The participants were handed a case and asked to solve it using the framework Mr. Cosentino provided in his workshops. He guided them though each step of the way and provided feedback. It was interesting to see how different participants worked out the case, different thinking patterns, different approaches.


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Reminder: Marc’s book, “Case in Point” is available for purchase here in the CMC.  The cost is $20 (regularly $30 + s&h), so hurry up and grab your copy quickly! Thunderbird also offers Marc’s case preparation website (CQ interactive) free-of-charge. You can find it on the CMC pages of MTB under the section “The Interview”.  The link’s title is “CQ interactive by”

Good luck with preparations!

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