Mm… Delicious Food for Thought

By: Alina Buzgar, News & Features Editor

Sharing a meal together is an important part of most cultures around the world and it helps members of society build bonds. Modern anthropology tends to stress the usefulness of food as a marker of social boundaries. Plus, eating with friends is fun!

Brown Bag Lunch Talks or BBLT (not to be confused with “bun-bacon-lettuce-tomato” smiley face) are a series of informal meetings between students and professors that open lines of communication and learning outside the classroom. We sat down with Savijeet Singh (MBA ’15, India), the organizer and mastermind of the series to learn more.

courtesy Savijeet Singh
Courtesy of Savijeet Singh

What is food for thought?

Food for thought or the BBLT  is an idea that was a direct outcome of the huge class size of our cohort. I have always been really vocal and assertive in classrooms, but I figured that most of my classmates were not the same as me and were hesitant to talk in public. This was due to cultural differences, personality, or plain shyness on the part of my colleagues. To overcome this I wanted to provide an informal setting where they can interact with their favorite teachers, hence BBLT. The lunches are held at the war room in the tower. As a name suggests, everyone brings their own lunch, but knowing T-Birds, someone definitely brings cookies, sweets, candy, etc. to be shared among the group.  Since these are informal meet-up events, the range of topics is unlimited. We discuss matters from global business climate to the favorite sport of the professor.

Where did you get the idea?

This idea was a brainchild based on my past experiences with my undergrad teachers. I had a great rapport with them and we ended up having lunch or a cup of tea weekly. I wanted to bring the same to Thunderbird, helping people to talk to the professor of their choice and discuss their areas of interest professionally. Later on I found out from the professors that this was something that was done before but phased out during the past few years. 

What are your plans for the future?

We usually have 5 to 12 people. The limit is 14 members plus one representative from Das Tor. I want these lunches to continue and am looking for a like-minded individual who can help me deal with the organization.

If you are doing something unique on campus to bring together T-Birds let us know and we would love to feature your initiative.

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