Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions

Aaron Rockwell – Staff Cultural Advisor Gerard (Geert) Hofstede developed a system of four elements to try and put a finger on what makes different cultures different. The whole idea was developed through IBM data that Hofstede gathered while working as the head honcho of the personnel research department (he collected over 100,000 surveys). He took time […]

ThunderLeaf Takes Root

By Mary Grace Richardson, Co-editor Thunderbird is producing more than just savvy business students this semester. Looking to promote people’s well-being across Thunderbird, club President Solomon Frank (MAGAM ’18) had the idea to start ThunderLeaf, a sustainable garden on campus that nurtures a positive community experience. After reaching out to his friends, some with lots […]

The Top 10 Most Random Places on Campus

By Nash Wills, Co-Editor When General Barton Kyle Yount speculated in the Glendale real estate market back in ’46, his $1 investment sufficed for a solid 160-acre plot of prime desert land. 71 years since then, campus has changed a lot. Sometimes it’s hard for me to imagine a time when the majority of the […]

A Farewell to My Favorite Bookshop

By Lauren Herber, Editor-in-Chief The first time I visited Phoenix was in April 2015. I had recently found out about Thunderbird and was strongly considering attending, but I wanted to visit the school and talk to some current students before making my final decision. Having grown up in the Midwest before moving to Boston, Phoenix […]

Hipótesis on Thought and Meaning

By Chris Barton, Co-editor What is the meaning of grey? I found myself wondering this – and other formulaic non sequiturs – last week, as I meandered through the mind-expanding landscape of Horacio Zabala’s Hipótesis (Hypotheses), a series of provocative art pieces currently on display at the Phoenix Art Museum. An Argentinian artist with a […]

The Struggle Within: Living With Anxiety at Tbird

This piece was written by an anonymous guest writer for Das Tor Sometimes, my heart starts racing and I cannot stop shaking. Thoughts race through my mind at a million miles an hour, and I cry uncontrollably. This goes on for hours and hours on end, with no sign of stopping. Sometimes, I’m alone in […]

Spinning Plates: Being a T-Bird and a Dad

By Nate Flake, Guest Writer  If you have ever been to a circus you have probably seen the spinning plates act. The performer gets plates spinning one by one on the ends of long poles and then proceeds to run around frantically, re-spinning each one as they slow down at different times. It’s stressful to […]

The Xerox Center: Making Magic Look Effortless

By Lauren Herber, Editor-in-Chief We’ve all been there—usually right before a project or paper is due. We’re stressed, we’re rushed—and then we realize that we’ve shown up 5 minutes before closing time, and our print job is going take at least 20 minutes. But not to worry, because the Xerox Center and its staff are […]

NPV of a Career

Aaron Rockwell – Magic Staff +1 Writer I was going to write an article on sunk cost, but the moment it became no fun, I abandoned it. Instead, let’s take a look at our lives and how much this year is worth in terms of: how long you might have left to live, and how […]