A Call for New Reporters: YOU Can Work for Das Tor

As we start the new semester, Das Tor wants to expand its staff of reporters and include more Guest Writers on our publication schedule! 

To get an idea of what you could write for Das Tor, here is a list of the current article series we publish:

Thunderbird Businesses and Projects—Spotlight a company that was started by you or a fellow T-bird, or a project that you or another T-bird are working on.

Club and Campus Life—News about classes or special events taking place at Thunderbird. These can include personal narratives about an experience you had in a certain class or event.

Club Spotlight—Written by the leadership of different clubs at Thunderbird, Club Spotlights tell the personal background of the club leader and describe their club’s mission, goals, and why students should consider joining their group.

Student Success Spotlights—Members of the Student Success Team share their backgrounds and how their work helps students grow and thrive at Thunderbird.

T-bird Internships—Second-year students write about their summer internship experiences.

Global Eats—T-birds share cooking stories and recipes unique to their culture or travels around the globe.

Voices of Thunderbird—A personal narrative about how and why you came to Thunderbird. 

Voices of Thunderbird: The Immigrant Experience—International students share the struggles they faced when applying for a visa and moving to the U.S. to attend Thunderbird, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Voices of Thunderbird Veterans—A collaboration with the Thunderbird Veterans Club. T-birds who are veterans share how their military service led to a global mindset.

Business and Global Affairs Insights—An article about a business or global affairs topic of your choice.

T-birds on Holiday—Special articles honoring holidays. An opportunity to educate your fellow T-birds about how a certain holiday is celebrated in your country.

Data and Infographics—Design a survey about a certain topic, collect responses from students, and create an infographic, video, or article to discuss your findings. NOTE: Any survey you create must be approved by the Editor-in-Chief before it is sent to students.

T-birds Under Quarantine—Personal narratives about your experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thunderbird Portrait—See here for more details.

Other—Pick a topic of your choice.

If you want to sign up as a Guest Writer to write an article for Das Tor, click here, or contact Das Tor’s Assistant Editor Andrea Awuah directly. Guest Writers contribute an article of their choice to Das Tor with no commitment to write additional articles. If you’re interested in becoming more involved, consider becoming a Reporter/Staff Writer! Reporters on the writing team at Das Tor agree to contribute one article per month for publication and are considered formal employees of Das Tor. 

If writing articles isn’t your interest, contact us about working on Das Tor’s new podcast, Thundercast. We’re looking to expand our podcast team to include new reporters, so it would be another great way to get involved!

As we start this new semester, Das Tor looks forward to sharing the voices of more Thunderbirds to celebrate our truly unique community that spans languages, cultures, borders, and beyond.


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