Beer: The History, Ingredients and Other Fun Facts

By DJ Nelson, Staff Writer The purpose of this article is to enlighten even the most novice of beer drinkers with a base knowledge in the history, ingredients, tastes and culture that has formed around such a diverse beverage. First, we’ll spend some time in the past, exploring the good times in ancient times. After […]

Prohibition is Good for You

A Sad Rot Special By: Al Capone Nothing flies faster than a rumor, and the recent merger between ASU and Thunderbird has engendered its fair share of unsubstantiated news. One subject that has generated controversy is alcohol—specifically, whether ASU’s vaunted all-dry-all-the-time policy will apply to Thunderbird. Word on the street is that it will. Opponents […]

Beer Tasting at ThunderPub

Deschutes Brewery conducted a beer tasting event on campus at the Thunder Pub on Thursday. People could taste a shot of beer of their choice and give their feedback. Rotem Bar, a second year student who owned a bar before joining Thunderbird, tasted a shot of summer ale and said the beer was strong, tasty, […]