Foundations: Then and Now

By Lauren Herber, Editor-in-Chief This January, I had the unique privilege of participating in Foundations for the second time, this time as a Cohort Leader and soon-to-be graduate of Thunderbird. The exhausting but rewarding week surprised me with an onslaught of nostalgia and reflection. It was a true “full circle” moment for me: I began […]

Every Flag But One

By Chris Barton, Staff Writer On November 29th, 1947, the UN general assembly adopted the Partition Plan for Palestine, officially calling for the end of British rule in the area roughly between the Mediterranean, the Sea of Galilee, and the Gulf of Aqaba. The UN called for the creation of two states: the Arab State […]

Fall Foundations: 2016

By Aaron Rockwell, Staff Writer Welcome Home: Foundations week must have been inspired by Justin Timberlake’s, “Suit and Tie,” because all of the cohorts were running around looking so dapper in their business formal. Arizona also joined the party with its own heated hello. When the weather channel talks about the “mean” temperature in Arizona, […]

Foundations: 2016 Edition

By Alina Buzgar, Editor-in-Chief On January 4th, just hours after the start of the new year, 25 students joined Thunderbird from all corners of the world, marking the start of another epic Foundations week. Transforming strangers into fast friends and vocal Thunderbird advocates has been Foundations’ mission since… forever. Mission accomplished… again. The new students […]

Fall 2015 Foundations. The Experience.

By Chaitra Somasundar, Staff Writer ‘NewBirds’ of Fall 2015 walked into Thunderbird and were hit with a gush of diversity, interaction, competitiveness and more – through the Foundations Program! The Foundations Team, headed by Jonaki Moitra, divided all the incoming students into four cohorts: JAGUARUNDIS, COUGARS, FALCONS and ROADRUNNERS, led by Kaladhar Rachabathuni, Collin Shepherd, […]

Batch of T-birds: Fall 2015

By Sindhuja Kodivalasa, Staff Writer All summer the campus has been very quiet with few students still on campus. But the morning of August 12th it looked alive again, with the parking lots occupied and all the activities renewing at a full scale. The incoming batch of 2015, started their orientation on this day. They […]

From Foundations to Graduation

By Richard Dennis ’14 & Vivek Khurana ’14 We find ourselves at the end of a defining adventure, full of friends we never expected to meet, and experiences we never thought we would have, but now will never forget. We won’t forget Foundations – our first steps at Thunderbird, that eye-opening day in GPE when […]

Spring Foundations Welcomes New Students

With nearly 60 students entering Thunderbird Spring intake in January, the campus was buzzing with the sounds of Diamondbacks, Sidewinders and Jack Rabbits.  It was a stellar two weeks led by the Thunderbird administration, staff and faculty as well as our fearless cohort co-captains, Tiago Ferraz and Sushank Bhandarkar, and cohort leaders Julia Mitusova (Diamondbacks), […]

Update 10/4

Hello T-birds! We come to the end of another busy and exciting week at Thunderbird. We had many important friends here on campus this past week including distinguished alumni, the Thunderbird Global Council (TGC) and our Board of Trustees. Many of you interacted with a number of these people over the past few days and […]

Fall Foundations 2013 – A love story

By Sneha Gayatri and Michael Reardon “It was a million tiny little things that, when you added them all up, they meant we were supposed to be together … and I knew it” – Tom Hanks, Sleepless in Seattle 14 names. 14 people. 14 lives. Trust the power of to bring together the most amazing […]