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What Cupid Wants You to Know Before Tuesday Night

cupidIn honor of Valentine’s Day, I performed a much needed public service at the Pub on Thursday night. I decided to get the inside scoop on what strategies and criteria guys use in approaching girls at the Pub and vice versa. Sort of like what you wish recruiters told you before you interviewed. Although most of my interviewees chose to remain anonymous, the interviews below are representative of the general sentiment.

Anonymous Male #1
Traditional MBA, 4th Tri

What type of candidates do you approach at the Pub? Someone who is fun and engaging
Best elevator speech? Where are your wings? Because you must have just come down from heaven
How to beat the competition?
Recommendations for guys: Be friendly. Put yourself out there and be comfortable being uncomfortable
Recommendations for girls: Make eye contact. If she’s still looking after I have looked away and
looked back at her, I’ll approach her. Also, it is refreshing when a girl is confident enough in herself to approach a guy, especially since some guys are pretty oblivious to eye contact.

Anonymous Female #1
MS, 2nd Tri

What types of candidates do want to approach you at the Pub? Nice and charming guys
Best elevator speech? I just say hello. This becomes easier to do after you’ve had a few drinks.
How I beat the competition? If I like him, I’ll go talk to him.

Anonymous Male #2
MBA, 4th Tri
What type of candidates do you approach at the Pub? (a) Someone who is physically attractive (b) I can have a good conversation and connection with (c) similar interests
Best elevator speech? I’ll compliment her dress or things I observe about her
How to beat the competition?
Recommendations for girls: Play eye-tag before the guy comes over. Smiling helps too. If it doesn’t work because the guy is shy, you might have to go over. A group of five girls hanging out at a bar is a no-no. It is intimidating for guys – even confident guys – to approach. At some point, you’ll have to break off from the group and be alone. One or two in a group is best.
Extra –special tip for girls: You know if a guy is really interested in having a relationship with you and not just a hook-up if he holds your hand in public when he’s sober.

Anonymous Female #2

What type of candidates do you want to approach you at the pub? Tall, clean-cut boys with seductive eyes
Best elevator speech? What are you drinking? Is it good? Can I buy you one?
Recommendations for guys? Be confident. Come up and say something but don’t be a douche. Just say “hey”.

If you are not as skilled as these fine T-birds, fret not! There are campus resources available to help you become more effective at picking up guys or girls. The CMC can help you practice and fine tune your elevator speech and the Business Presentation and Public Speaking course comes highly recommended for boosting confidence. Additionally, Tignum has some eye exercises to help you strengthen your eye muscles in preparation for eye tag.

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