Holi celebrated on campus in a Thunderfashion!!


Holi – The Festival Of Colors

Holi, also called the festival of colors, is celebrated with great excitement and fun around various parts of India. It primarilyholi2celebrates the change of seasons, the end of winter and the start of spring and all the life associated that it brings with it. Thus, the event is celebrated with lots of color as people throw powder colors along with water balloons at each other. The mythological story behind the occasion of Holi involves the escape of young prince Prahlad, from the hold of Demoness Holika, who carried him into fire. Therefore, the day before the event, bonfires are lit as devotees celebrate the victory of the prince and his staunch dedication towards Lord Vishnu.

The diversity at Thunderbird could not be a better analogy for the vibrant colors that are observed during the festivities. The event was organized by the ISCC club on the rugby field with over 70 people showing up for the event. The celebration involved extensive use of holi3water cannons, powder color and water balloons. When we ran out of color, students resorted to celebrating with mud bath and plain water. The energy and festivities, quite clearly, could not be contained. The participants also enjoyed the Indian snacks arranged by the club and it included samosas, which are spiced potato filled appetizers and ‘thandai’, a sweet spiced milk based drink.

As celebrations back in India involve participation of all people irrespective of their caste,gender or social status, it displays unity among diversity, which was aptly showcased at Thunderbird as well as students from all nationalities, enjoyed the festival.

Although the colors slowly begin to fade away, the chants of ‘Holi Hai!’ still resonates in the mind of all those who were present for the occasion and had an unforgettable experience.


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