Scholarship opportunity with the Phoenix Chapter

The Phoenix Chapter will be holding their First Tuesday event on October 2 beginning at 5:30 and the location is 9832 N 7th Street in Phoenix. The chapter sponsor a student in need of financial support every Tri and applicants must attend a First Tuesday or a local event allowing them to personally meet these candidates.

Students are required to sign up for the First Tuesday, to do so Click here. Non members and guests will be charged $5.

Application Deadline: Monday 8th October 2012, 4:30 pm, Financial Aid office

Further details from the Scholarship committee:
Applicants who have demonstrated significant campus involvement and leadership at Thunderbird (Glendale campus), are in need of financial support and possess a cumulative 3.500 or higher GPA. It is anticipated that the recipient of the scholarship attend the November meeting.

2nd term or later. Any Thunderbird degree seeking student in ANY full-time program – MBA-GM, Dual Degree, Post MBA, MAGAM or MSGM – who has completed at least one trimester of full-time enrollment (12 credit hours) in and is currently enrolled for at least 6 credit hours of coursework at the Glendale campus.

Students should submit three copies of: a cover letter addressing their financial need and leadership/involvement on campus and/or in the community, a current resume, and a two page double-spaced essay outlining their future plans after graduation with a specific emphasis as to how the student plans to support and grow the Alumni Chapter Networks. The essay should provide thoughts and feedback on their First Tuesday or Chapter event and how they would improve the experience. The essay should also briefly address leadership and involvement within the Thunderbird campus and other organizations. The Scholarship Committee reviews all applications and forwards the top applications to the Phoenix Alumni Chapter liaison. Final decision is made by the Phoenix Alumni Chapter. The recipient is announced at the November meeting to the Chapter.

Up to one $2,500 award not to exceed tuition charges. Recipient will be required to write a thank you letter before funds will be available.

To know more about First Tuesdays held around the world, Click on Chapters on MTB.

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