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Courtesy GE Capital
Courtesy: GE Capital

Thunderbird is excited to have General Electric (GE) on campus recruiting on September 23rd and 24th. GE Capital will be bringing some senior members of the GE Capital Group for their presentation on GE Capital’s “Roadshow for Growth”. Among the attendees will be

Ian Forrest, VP of Global Marketing for GE Capital who is confirmed as a key note speaker and Mike Pilot, Chief Commercial Officer of GE Capital.

This event will be General Electric’s largest recruiting presence on campus ever. GE employees / T-bird alums Brady Johnson, Kara Connell, Alex Drinker, and Lisa Scovotti will be returning to Thunderbird, as well as Tom Waters ’85 who is the Rocky Mountain Region Sales Leader (GE Capital – Corporate Finance). Thunderbird is one of a select few “core” recruiting schools that GE is turning to for their ECLP (Experienced Commercial Leadership Program) recruitment effort.

Please make sure to RSVP for the event in Global Connect. Below are the details:

5:00 – 5:45pm (AT&T Auditorium) – Ian Forrest and Mike Pilot will deliver a presentation about GE Capital’s push to drive growth in middle market businesses ($10 million to $1 billion in revenue). They will also cover GE’s ECLP program.

5:45pm – 6:30pm (Herberger) – Networking reception / Drinks

The Roadshow for Growth’s national tour bus will arrive during the reception to follow and be parked in front of the Herberger building.

About the Roadshow:

The GE Capital and Slate “Roadshow for Growth” national tour is a unique platform designed to give middle market businesses ($10 million to $1 billion in revenue) a major stage to voice their issues and promote growth within this critical segment of the U.S. economy. While only 3% of American companies belong to the middle market, they account for one-third of the national GDP contributing to more than 43.3 million U.S. jobs.

The “Roadshow for Growth” tour will make dozens of stops in major cities and at mid-market businesses and will host a series of one-on-one discussions, middle market events, town halls and in-depth sessions with policy makers.

In addition to stops throughout the country, Slate and GE Capital will host five major anchor events beginning on May 9th in Chicago, followed by New York in June, Atlanta, Dallas and Los Angeles. The six-month tour will conclude in Columbus, Ohio at the 3rd Annual National Middle Market Summit at Ohio State University in late October where the learning from the tour will be shared with hundreds of middle-market executives. Throughout the tour, Slate and GE Capital will also share research, insights and stories on the middle market at

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