World Cup Celebrations at Thunderbird

14By Stephanie Smith

Thanks to TSG’s hosting of activities around the campus and the great turnout of students, Thunderbird is full of excitement to celebrate the World Cup.  The World Cup festivities started off with a bang at a BBQ to watch Spain play the Netherlands, followed by Chile versus Australia.  The Chilean exchange students came out in full force along with more than 25 other students on campus this summer, to eat, drink, and cheer on their favorite teams.

The commons has also been full of activity with a World Cup viewing center and a good turnout of people for many of the matches. Students from Italy, Nigeria, Colombia and Costa Rica to name a few are enthusiastic to watch and cheer on their teams and share stories of how they celebrate in their respective countries.


Other students travelled to Brazil in full Thunderbird style to watch the matches.  And many others are certainly celebrating all around the world at home and at their internships.  We look forward to a festive party for the finals.

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