From the Archives

  Dr. Roy Herberger, Jr. became Thunderbird’s eighth president, following the retirement of President William Voris. He led the school for 15 years of growth in a tumultuous world from July 1, 1989 to June 30, 2004. Herberger had a clear picture of goals in his mind that he wanted to accomplish in the school. […]

World Night

By Sabah Hussain This summer’s regional night was surprising and successful in a lot of ways. With only 99 students enrolled in summer classes, and even less living on campus, there was an impressive 120 attendees at World Night this month. Even internally, planning was filled with surprises. First was the date: ThunderDay was in […]

World Cup Celebrations at Thunderbird

By Stephanie Smith Thanks to TSG’s hosting of activities around the campus and the great turnout of students, Thunderbird is full of excitement to celebrate the World Cup.  The World Cup festivities started off with a bang at a BBQ to watch Spain play the Netherlands, followed by Chile versus Australia.  The Chilean exchange students came […]

Weekly Update for 6/29/14

Dear Thunderbird Community, I hope you’ve had a great week. Thunderbird’s Board of Trustees was on campus this week. The board continued their deliberations regarding potential partners and continue to make progress. Your TSG President and Vice President, Giacomo and Casey, partnered with Executive MBA student, Anthony Dezilva, to present to the board this morning. […]

The Wonderful World of Wyoming

  By Adam Gostel Before my journey at Thunderbird began I was living in the least populated state in the U.S.  That’s right Wyoming.  You may be wondering why Wyoming?  What’s there and who cares?  Wyoming is one of the most beautiful places you can imagine on the earth.  It is home to the oldest […]

Career Spotlight: Public Relations Manager

Public Relations Managers are responsible for enhancing the company’s image in the market. They create content and arrange campaigns so that the perception of the company with the general public is enhanced and stays for a longer time. A specialized group of public relations managers called ‘fundraising managers’ arrange campaigns in a larger scale and […]

TSG Meets the Thunderbird Board of Trustees

By Casey Sutton I was awkwardly juggling a water bottle, a notepad and a Dunkin Donuts styrofoam coffee cup as I scurried into the DLC room of the Yount building. Giacomo Paccione, the president of TSG, was just a few feet behind me. Even though we arrived at 8:50AM and believed we were ten minutes […]

Weekly Update for 6/15/14

Hello Thunderbird Community, This update is a bit lengthy, but there is a lot of important information today, so please be sure to take a read! Our hearts go out to Reynolds High School and Seattle Pacific University, both institutions dealing with the aftermath of on-campus shootings in the last week.  This scenario has become […]

From the Archives…

Dear Readers, Can you identify this famous President of Thunderbird from the following clues? 1.This President was selected by the board of trustees when Thunderbird was struggling in every aspect; academics, physical campus, student morale and funding. 2. Being the seventh President of Thunderbird, he served for 17 long years and changed the reputation of […]

Career Path: IT Managers

Information Technology managers or IT project managers or Computer and Information System managers are responsible for planning and coordinating the day-to-day computer related work in an organization. They set the technology goals of organizations and upgrade or install computer system to meet the goals. Responsibilities The IT managers typically do the following activities: Analyze the […]