World Night

By Sabah Hussain
This summer’s regional night was surprising and successful in a lot of ways. With only 99 students enrolled in summer classes, and even less living on campus, there was an impressive 120 attendees at World Night this month.
Even internally, planning was filled with surprises. First was the date: ThunderDay was in the calendar already, at the end of the fourth week of the trimester. With finals approaching, and more than half the students on campus enrolled in 3-week courses, there were very few volunteers for World Night. The few regional clubs active on campus all attended, giving World Night an impressive variety of cuisines.
The ThunderPlanners brainstormed activities that would show prospective students a glimpse into the “T-bird experience.” World Night began with a slideshow and photo contest showing T-birds around the world.  To get an idea of the experience start following #tbirdlife. After the slideshow came “Know T-Bird,” a contest of on-campus knowledge. All attendees joined in a World Trivia Night game, winning gift certificates for movie tickets and ice cream.  We finished the night with improvised live music.
Attendees enjoyed the inclusive events of World Night. Check out some of the pictures below.  An alumna at the event asked about the format of this regional night. This regional night was surprising; how did it come about? The answer is simple: T-birds work hard and play hard!
 TSG Team

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