Pizza Math and Alumni Relations Event

By Aaron Rockwell, Staff Writer This last week the Alumni Relations Department hosted a great event with FREE PIZZA. Coincidentally, there was an awesome turnout. This got me thinking about pizza, and I believe all math nerds would agree with me that calculating pizza values per size is one of the most fun ways one […]

Thunderbird Mentor Program

By Nash Wills, Staff Writer First year MAGAM and MGM students have been given the unique opportunity to be able to participate in the new Thunderbird Mentor Program. The program was originally conceived by the Career Management Center as a way of meaningfully connecting alumni and students, thereby improving upon the already outstanding Thunderbird network. […]

Who Do I Contact?

By Emma Livingston, Co-editor This past week, I have been scouting the Thunderbird Herberger building, getting to know the staff, finding out who does what, and who students can turn to if they have questions or concerns. I learned from Dodie Busch, Senior Director of Student Experience & Affairs, that her department will be coming […]

How to Start Relationships with Thunderbird Alumni

By Michael Seaver, Director, Alumni Engagement In 2013, The Economist ranked Thunderbird #2 for “Internationalism of Alumni” and #3 for “Potential to Network”. It certainly isn’t a secret that the Thunderbird Mystique is alive and well. We truly are one of a kind – there is no other graduate global management school like Thunderbird. Alumni worldwide […]

Update 02/21

Dear T-birds, Welcome to this week’s exciting Friday Update! I hope you’ve had a great week. Before we get to this week’s update (which, by the way, is full of important information so please read it carefully), I wanted to mention something to you. We have a number of great employers visiting campus over the […]

Update 12/6

Hello T-birds, Let me start this week’s update with a special note of thanks to all of you who attended this morning’s Student Feedback Session. Your attendance was appreciated, your input was heard and is extremely important – thanks especially for getting up so early on a Friday morning. Starting after Winter Break, we’ll host […]

Update 11/29

Hello T-birds! I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving and are enjoying the long holiday weekend. (I’m hoping those of you who enjoyed Thanksgiving with a Thunderfamily might send me some pictures!) Here is what you’ll find in this week’s update: 1. Results of fundraiser for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan: The fundraising efforts for […]