Carnival Is a Global Party, But Why?

By DJ Nelson, Staff Writer Carnival is a festival held around the world, but do we really understand what the partying is all about? It all started in ancient Egypt as a pagan tradition to celebrate the coming of Spring. Then, in 332 B.C. Alexander the Great conquered Egypt and the festival was adopted by […]

World Hijab Day: Standing Up for Covering Up

By Mary Grace Richardson, Co-Editor Amid protests over President Donald Trump’s travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries, women around the world showed their solidarity with Muslim women by wearing hijabs for the fifth annual World Hijab Day yesterday. Starting in 2013, New Yorker Nazma Khan organized the day in reaction to the harassment and marginalization […]

The FORAD Awakens*

By Keith Blincoe, Staff Writer Warning: Satire from now until the end of the article. Seriously. Hostilities in the FORAD smoldering conflict have at last come to an end. The final result was a huge surprise for everyone, with the aptly named Team 6 coming in sixth, though they had been in first place until […]

Holi Thunderbird!

By Deepali Ramaiah and Kate Stout “Khele Holi Hum Tere Sang!” For anyone in the dark about Holi, it is a celebration to welcome the season of Spring as well as the commencement of the  harvest season. Holi normally occurs on the day of the full moon in March. It is the apt opportunity to break […]

Chinese New Year Celebrations

Chinese New Year was celebrated by Thunderbirds on the New Year’s Eve – January 30th evening at Greentree Apartments located right opposite to the campus. Both the Greater China Club and Taiwan Club planned and hosted this celebration. The planning and execution of this celebration needs commendable appreciation. Invitations were sent much early during the […]

It’s Global Gala Time!

By Govind Menon It’s that time of the year again! Another trimester ends, a set of students graduate while the other move into their last few weeks at Thunderbird. However, with the end of a trimester, comes the biggest party of the trimester! It is a time to celebrate, remember, and look toward the future. For […]