Student Spotlight: Ann Yifan Wong

This week, we asked one of our first trimester MBA students, Ann Yifan Wong, to share a little about herself and what she carries in her backpack. What kind of bag do you carry? I would love to carry different style of bags to fit my different life style everyday. For instance, canvas messenger bags […]

Emerging Markets Bazaar

Thunderbird Emerging Markets Business Association (TEMBA) organized an Emerging Bazaar on Thursday April 24th. It was an informational event with teams from different countries of the world showcasing the ‘attractiveness’ of their market. Few clubs had an extensive research document about the market condition in their country while few others had excellent speakers describing the […]

Student Spotlight: Xi Lin

We have a wonderful group of fun-loving exchange students on campus this trimester which means more T-Birds in the world (and more couches to sleep on!). Each week, we spotlight one of these students to share a little about themselves and the most revealing question of all, what’s in your backpack? This week, we ask […]

Update 03/21

Hello T-bird family, It has been quite a week. I know many of you participated in the CMC’s Spring Training event and workshops, and many have been off-campus, traveling to interesting places and enjoying a well-deserved break. T-birds have been scattered all over the world, and now, many of you are on your way to […]

Student Spotlight: Jian Yuan

Each week, we ask one of our new fun-loving exchange students to share a little about themselves and the most revealing question of all, what’s in your backpack? This week, Jian Yuan, from Shanghai, China, gives us a peek into his Thunderbird Backpack. Where do you call home? My home country is China. Despite living in Shanghai, for a […]

The China Bulletin

By Patrick Mah As I write this in one of our favourite restaurants, the smells of piquant spices are making me hungry. China is not only mouth-watering, it’s amazing. For many of us, landing in Beijing was like landing in a fairy tale. As we looked out the window, the plane cut through the clouds, […]

A Night Under the Moon – 中秋节

This past Wednesday, members of the Chinese and Taiwanese Clubs threw their amazing Moon Festival at the Fish for all Thunderbird students, faculty, and staff. It truly was a magical night to be out under the stars and moon as students came out to celebrate the famous holiday that is celebrated on the 15th day […]

Understanding China: Confucianism, Guanxi and Face

From Thunderbird Knowledge Network. Many foreigners who come to China on business read about the culture and think they understand, but they misapply key concepts such as Confucianism, guanxi and face. “They misunderstand what they read because they look at it through their own cultural lens, rather than trying to see it through a Chinese […]

Finding Home Abroad

by: Sophia Gao ’11 I don’t know if other people share the same feeling: When I went abroad, I found I had a better understanding of my home country, China. After one and a half years in America, my thoughts about China have changed a lot, and I have even redefined my personal goals because […]

China Diaries: Thoughts From an Internship Abroad

by: Kinjal Gandhi ’12 When I first arrived at Thunderbird in August 2010, I was excited and prepared to return to graduate school. As the year flew by, I found my interest in supply chain and operations rising and looked forward to doing an internship in this field. Thunderbird provides us with multiple opportunities to […]