Till soon, New York.

23_ny032snowingOur first Winterim story is in. Waiting to hear more from you.

By: Abhijit Chakrabarti, MBA 2012

The velvety blue speckled with white came rushing towards me. The high rises with the twin rivers snaking its way across quickly moved out of view. I strained my neck to catch an eyeful of the spectacle which was unfolding.

The day had started with a promise of something different coupled with a hint of the awaited. The wind blew a real gale, battering hard against the window panes. The glass creaked and sighed making me wonder whether they would be able to hold up. It was my final few hours in New York, the city which had been such a wonderful and generous host over the last three weeks. Like any other awestruck visitor, I had scoured every nook and corner of the city and beyond, visited all the tourist attractions, eaten at almost all the available platters; and yet, one last wish was unfulfilled; something which I had expected all along but in vain.

With bags all packed, I decided to have a quick stroll along the banks of the Hudson river, feel the wind with its chill on my face. Outside, noon had already donned the look of dusk. The trees swayed to the wind, the banners held hard against the ground to stay rooted. The biting chill seeped in through the numerous layers of clothing to make its presence felt. The faraway neon lights formed a beautiful silhouette against the dull sky.

And then it happened. The snazzy neon lights began to get blurred. Was my mind playing games with me? It took me a few secondsChakrabarti, Abhijitbefore realization sunk in. The pavement around me formed a perfect medley of black and white.  It started unannounced, and then the skies parted. Moments later, a white blanket started covering the streets.

I looked up and strained my neck hard. The velvety blue sky speckled with white came rushing towards me. Somewhere in the distance, a tune played out, “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”

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