Esperanto: The International Language

Courtesy of Business Insider

By Billy Pierre, Staff Writer Saluton! What if we could all say hello in a single language? What if all the languages of the world could combine into one that everybody can understand? What if the United Nations could meet without interpreters because all participants from all countries could speak the same language? Globalization would […]

Having an Accent in the US

By Billy Pierre, Staff Writer I’m Bidi Pirra and I must thank Starbucks for this new name. No, it’s not surprising at all to have your name written wrong when you go to the most popular coffee shop in America, but it’s hard to imagine that they could distort my name at this level. Nor […]

Lessons from Learning Languages

By Bryce Bower, Co-editor According to John Algeo and Thomas Pyles, authors of The Origins and Development of the English Language, if one includes scientific terminology, suffixed and prefixed words, technical jargon and some foreign terms, the English language contains upwards of 1 million words. Compare this with the German dictionary that has 330,000 words, […]

Love Languages: Expressing Love by Culture

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By Amanda Cardini, Co-editor The holiday of love is almost upon us and as every T-bird knows, expressing your feelings can vary widely by country and culture. While in English there is only one phrase for saying “I love you”, some languages have multiple ways and many cultures are more expressive than American culture. Societal […]

Baby Language Acquisition & Attrition

By Aaron W. Rockwell, Staff Writer From being on a journey to learning a new language, I often think about timetables of learning and how much time after I learn the language I will retain it. I often hear people talk about how they took a language for two to three years in high school, but […]

Which Language to Learn Next

By Aaron Rockwell, Staff Wizard I woke up thinking about whether I wanted to go to China and learn Mandarin this summer or learn another language. To assess the pros of all the languages, I compiled all the first listed language data from The World Factbook, along with Population, Landmass, and GDP numbers from Wikipedia. If you […]

¿What Do You Mean?: Spanish Slang Around the World

By Laura Aviles, Staff Writer Whenever a person is learning a new language or traveling, there is always a desire to learn about the slang of this other new place. These are the words that are not formal; the common language that people on the street speak. These are the terms that are often metaphorical, playful, […]

Honor Council to Build Honor Hall*

By Keith Blincoe, Staff Writer WARNING: Satire article. Reader discretion is advised. Everyone knows the Thunderbird Honor Council doesn’t do anything, and now that ASU has assumed its academic-discipline function, THC does even less. Hence the rampant gossip about how THC will spend the lavish budget it has received from ASU. Adding fuel has been […]

Get to Know a Faculty – Don Bapst Writing Center Coordinator

By Emma Livingston, Co-editor Although Don Bapst has only been working at Thunderbird for two and a half years, he is a T-Bird through and through. Born in Chicago, he has lived in five cites across the United States and in five other cities in four different countries: London, United Kingdom; Paris, France; Ouagadougou, Burkina […]

Possessive pronouns, plurals and apostrophes – OH MY!

By, Jessica Knutzon The English language is tricky and there are many exceptions to rules. This does not help defend the idea that English is an easy language to learn. Apostrophes are so commonly misused that these mistakes become accepted in writing. It can be tricky to know when to use an apostrophe. Apostrophes are […]